What we need

Food Supplements and Parcels for needy families.

Many of the families assisted by CMR PE come from communities in Port Elizabeth characterised by poverty, crime and substance abuse. This places extra pressure and negative influences on parents and their children putting them at greater risk. Whilst they are in need of emotional and physical support and protection, they are also in need of practical assistance such as nutrition. 

Please see a list of some of the food items most commonly needed.

  1. Download: Food & Care Package items needed PDF

Clothing for poor families: including School clothes and Baby clothes

Many of the women and children assisted by CMR PE do not receive financial support from their: Partner / Spouse / Father. They are financially destitute either as a result of abandonment or escaping from abuse.  Many are in need of clothing especially for their children – school and baby clothes are most commonly needed.

How you can help

Make a monetary donation into our bank account from business or private funds.

Banking Details

Branch: Port Elizabeth North
Branch code: 00 02 35 59
Account name: Christelik – Maatskaplike Raad, Port Elizabeth
Account number: 290-230-225
Type of account: current

Raise funds on our behalf - organize an event

Peer to peer fundraising for a specific cause has been on the rise in recent years. Individuals develop and host their own fundraising projects to support a charitable cause close to their heart. If you would like to stand up for children and familes at risk in PE you could choose to organize your own fundraising event or activity on our behalf.  You could start:

  • Crowdfunding Campaigns:  Offering products or rewards in exchange for crowdfunded support 
  • Pledge Challenges: This fundraising idea involves you asking for pledges in exchange for a completing a specific challenge such as a long-distance cycling trip / walk or swim etc.
  • Supper Clubs and Bake Sales:  consider hosting a fancy “supper club” Alternately, you might tone this idea down into a similar event, the classic bake sale.
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Volunteer your time and skills (or that of your business)

“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” Spoken by Greek philosopher Aristotle over 2300 years ago, one of the most ancient quotes about volunteering offers proof that giving back to the community is hardly a new concept.

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” – Sherry Anderson

  1. Download: Volunteer application Form -CMR PE

Create a legacy of standing up for children by making a bequest in your will to support our services for future generations

‘When A Person Plants A Tree Under Which He May Never Sit, You Know Civilisation Has Come To That Land…….’ Greek Proverb

Where there is a Will there is a way to make a difference – to show that you care.

Recent statistics by Giving USA are that bequests constitute 10% of overall charitable contributions, and is growing globally.

Globally Charitable legacies and Bequests have proven to be the backbone of many charitable organisations doing invaluable work for many generations under difficult financial circumstances and different economic times. Whilst personal and corporate wealth may come and go during diverse economies, bequests can ensure the lifeblood of many charitable organisations assisting those in need. For whilst economic trends and issues may change, the needs of those who suffer most, will always be with us.

Legacies of love and caring……CMR PE offers individuals in Port Elizabeth a credible, efficient and cost effective method to ensure that their gift continues to stand up for children for years to come. 

A bequest to CMR PE will ensure that the organisation continues to provide services to prevent and protect children from abuse.   

Create A Legacy Of Love And Caring: Legacy Options 

  • Some donors elect to establish Charitable Trusts in their lifetimes (inter vivos-living Trusts) and thus have the satisfaction of seeing their generosity in action 
  • OR, in terms of their Will (testamentary) – income from which can be applied as per a Bequest option.
  • Donors can also name a charity as a beneficiary of various policies (Insurance, Life, Retirement) – benefiting from income tax deduction and the charity benefits from deferred income tax exemption. 


  1. Download: Legacy Codicil PDF

How you can benefit

Get up to 10% deduction from your business or personal income tax for donations made to CMR- PE

To take full advantage of these tax opportunities you can encourage your company and its clients to make donations to CMR PE – making us one of your CSI beneficiary partners.

In South Africa (SA) today, donations to good and important causes can benefit both individual and business tax payers. Supporting those in need can now go so much further! TAX DEDUCTIBILITY: SECTION 18 A (1) (a): Taxation Laws Amendment Act 30/2000:Section10 (1) (cN) of the Income Tax Act.

The amount donors can deduct from their annual personal and company income tax is a maximum of 10%! But only for donations made to SARS approved Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs) like CMR PE. 

This means if your annual income tax is R20 000 per year you can take 10% off (R2000) and only pay R18 000 in tax – but only if you have donated that much or more to registered 18A Charities (PBOs).    

A taxpayer making a donation in money or of property to a section 18A-approved organisation, is entitled to this deduction from their taxable income. 

The South African Government has recognised that certain charities providing essential services to the community, are dependent upon the generosity of the public to survive. Encouraging that generosity, the South African Receiver of Revenue Services (SARS) has provided a tax deduction for certain donations made by taxpayers.  The eligibility to issue tax deductible receipts is dependent on section 18A approval granted to the charity by the SARS Tax Exempt Unit, and is restricted to the approved Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs). 

CMR PE is a registered PBO (Reg. No:18/11/13/320) CMR PE  and is exempt from most taxes (Donations tax, Estate duty, Transfer duty, Dividends tax, Securities transfer tax (STT), Skills development levy, Capital Gains Tax). 

CMR PE can issue tax deductible receipts to individuals and business donors for donations made towards its services. 

Please click on this link for more information on the tax benefit

Please click on this link  to see which NGOs are registered for donor deductability (as a PBO)

  1. Download: PBO Sec. 18 A - Auditors Moore

Get Social Enterprise Development (SED) points on your business B-BBEE score card by making a contribution to CMR-PE which has an automatic Level 1 status - meaning that the full value of your donation (SED contribution) will be counted for BEE purposes!

Social Development funding is still a contributor to the BEE scorecards and we urge companies in Nelson Mandela Bay not to turn their backs on us, but to continue to use Charities –in particular CMR PE as contributors to their scorecards. 

Socio-Economic Development Contributions

For a donor to obtain socio-economic development (“SED”) points on its scorecard, it must make SED contributions to beneficiaries.  SED Contributions must be for the objective of facilitating income generating activities for targeted beneficiaries.  The definition section of the BEE Codes states that the objective of SED Contributions must be the promotion of sustainable access for the beneficiaries to the economy and it lists programmes such as development programmes for women, youth, HIV/Aids sufferers, education programmes, community training, skills de elopement, and programmes supporting arts and culture.  This list is wider than the “facilitating income generating activities for beneficiaries”.

SED contributions can take the form of grants, payment of direct costs, guarantees or security for loans, preferential terms or prices for supply of goods or services or training and mentoring.

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Our Compliance

Voluntary Association
Non-Profit Org. Reg No: 003-636
Public Benefit Org. Reg.

Section 18a Registered
with SARS

Physical Address: 16: Mount Road
Postal Address P.O. Box 3217
North End
Port Elizabeth 6065

Level 1 Compliant
Beneficiary status of 100%